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Citea Glass Infusion Teacup for Loose Leaf Tea

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This 350 ml or 12 oz teacup can be used for hot, iced tea, coffee (bag coffee) brew; Elegant and modern design.

Comes with 3 pieces: the glass cup, a glass inner cup, and a glass lid. All pieces are made entirely of heat resistant borosilicate glass. A thin high-quality glass that feels like wine glasses. The inner cup with 12 narrow openings at the bottom act as the strainer.

To brew tea just put the tea into the inner cup and add some water, then the inner cup releases infused tea directly into the outside drinking cup. Use the lid to cover the cup for best brewing.After the tea is ready, get out the inner cup and add sugar and milk to your liking. The tea is served! This cup is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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